Stock Picks for March 20, 2017

  • SBBP - could continue push higher especially if the 4.75 resistance gets taken out
  • BIOS - waiting on the pennant breakout
  • GALT - waiting for the break of the 2.21 resistance
  • PTIE - waiting for the flag to look smoother
  • OCRX - watching out for a possible pennant

Recap from the previous stock picks:
  • SBBP - broke out from the pennant but found some resistance at 4.75
  • GALT - no follow through from the triangle breakout, but could still push higher
  • PTIE - has not broken out from the flag
  • BIOS - has not broken out from the pennant
  • DVAX - pennant is still intact but seems to be testing its support for a breakdown
  • CATB - its flag is not looking pretty