Stock Watch for October 1, 2019

Today, CLSI wiped out all its hurdles on the way up as it surged by 183% while giving some beautiful intraday long entry! Not once, not twice but several times. Tomorrow will be interesting.

NKE made a new all-time high after breaking out from a 3-day setup. If the 90.00 marker holds and this continues to move higher, heavy selling pressure could be experienced at the 100.00 psychological level. 

Impressive move on REAL today. It did not come up with a setup of my liking but regardless, a solid 15% gain for this guy and worth watching in the next few days. If this continues to move higher, some selling pressure could be encountered around the 23.00-25.00 area while on the downside, the 20.00 level could be a good support in any case the price retraces.

EXPR continued its crawl northbound as it encountered some selling pressure en-route to the 3.50 level. I was waiting for a pop for this guy with some heavy volume but never came. Let's see tomorrow's price action. Check my recent post on EXPR here.

After a couple of days of correction, OVID went up by 4.85% as it established a support at the 3.00 level in what could be a pullback (see my recent post here). If the price dictates, we could see another green day for this tomorrow then could try to retest the current high around the 4.00 area in the coming days.

VNRX's 6-month daily chart looks similar to OVID. Although I find it not as sexy, there's a potential long for this guy as it has been hovering at the highs. If its current level continues to hold, could be good for a long entry on this guy.

KIRK was on heat in the first hour of trading then it started fading intraday as it bounced from the 1.66 resistance. It closed at 1.54 but if the current price level continues to hold, a move above 1.66 could be quick and 2.00 could be the next marker. On the flipside, 1.45 and 1.30 are the key levels of support I'm looking at.

DTEA had a nice risk to reward at the opening of today's trading session before it gained over 7%. Check my recent post (here). It could continue to climb and retest the 2.30 high in the coming days. On the downside, the 1.80 level could be a good level of support. The only thing that makes me iffy about this guy is the low trading volume.

Overall, today's market produced some decent gainers but felt slow compared to the past few weeks. Let's see how it turns out in the next few days. I'll continue to post my stock watch and commentaries. Thanks for dropping by!