Stock Watch for October 15, 2019

SES made a wild move last Friday and even a wilder one today. The stocks surged from 1.80 to a high of 26.10 within three days. That's over a thousand percent and it's insane. Although not all of us would be able to hold on to the entire ride, there could still be opportunities to make amazing profits from such swing. BIMI on the other hand just started its roll. Closing at 1.48 last Friday, it rose to a high of 9.79 earlier. That's over 500% gain in just a day. However, we can never tell what will happen tomorrow and how the price action will turn out but we can plan for what could possibly happen so here are some points to consider for BIMI and SES. Actually for all stocks:

-Price is the only thing that matters in trading
-Place a stop loss point
-Don't be greedy
-Assess your risk/reward
-Be cautious chasing everything 
-More often than not, there will be intraday setups for opportunities (5min charts above)
-Be patient and no FOMO
-If you missed the ride, there will always be the next one
-Let your winners run and never your losers
-Secure profits - profit will always be a profit
-Swallow your pride in both winning and losing
-Learn from both your winning and losing trades
-Be safe shorting 1M floater stock up 300% and 1,000x its avg daily volume - Tim Bohen
-In the end sometimes the next big one is the original one" - Nathan Michaud
-Remember after the big upticks come the bigger upticks" - Nathan Michaud

Below are some stocks I added on my list...
KOOL could be forming a pennant and the current resistance could be the 7.00 recent high at but if that breaks, 8.00 could be the next target. On downside, current support could be 5.85 then 5.00 after that.

CBL could be forming a cup and handle and by how the chart looks, it could continue to climb. On the way up, it could experience some selling pressure at the 1.59 and 1.70 (neckline) resistance. However, if those levels break, 2.00 could be the next target. On the flipside, the immediate support could be 1.29 then 1.09 after that.

LCI broke out from a double bottom formation last September then made a year high of 15.52. It  started consolidating above the pattern's neckline afterwards. Today, it's down by 2.17% to 10.82 but could find some stronghold at the 10.45-10.55 neckline area in case it drops further. If that breaks, the next support could be 10.00. On the upside, the hurdle could be the 12.00-12.47 level.