Stock Watch for October 2, 2019

Financial services company in the likes of Interactive Active Brokers (IBKR), Charles Schwab Corp. (SCHW) and TD Ameritrade (AMTD) duck dove today as seen on the charts below following announcements of commission free trading. It started when Interactive Brokers came out with the news last Thursday about their plans scheduled for October. This morning Charles Schwab followed the same agenda slated for October 7. They announced that commission fees on stocks and ETF's will be dropped to $0.00 while trading of options will still be subject to a fee of $0.65 per contract. This afternoon, TD Ameritrade did the same thing and scheduled their zero dollar trades on October 3 (free trades for stocks and ETF's and $0.65 per options contract). The question is... Is it really going to be commission free? Or will they be coming up with alternative ways to replace the commission? My guess would be through order flow which some have already been capitalizing on. Now, we just have to wait for E-Trade (ETFC), Fidelity and other brokerages to get on board.

On the penny side, we got huge gainers such as SNNA, CGIX and NAKD

SNNA was a big mover yesterday and continued to surge today with huge volume. Despite having a weak close, we could continue to see some wild swings tomorrow.

CGIX is one of the top gainers. Early in today's trading session, it flew to 0.15 then dropped 0.1105. By the looks of the intraday chart, the bulls were done. However, it made a strong rebound, breaking the day's high to close at 0.1514. Could make big swings tomorrow for long and short.

NAKD also made it to the spotlight with a 50.55% gain. Same with SNNA and CGIX, we could see some great opportunities on either direction for this guy.