Stock Watch for October 3, 2019

From my last post on DTEA (check here),  two new red candles have formed. Also, I mentioned that it could continue to climb but encountered some selling pressure on the way to the 2.20-2.30 area of resistance. In the process, the chart could start forming a pennant formation. It looks premature right now and too early to tell but this guy could be a candidate as long as the 1.80-1.85 area of support holds. On the upside the immediate resistance could be 2.12 then 2.30. Here's another post I had on this from last week (here).

Another stock on my watch is FRAN. Early last month, the stocks moved from 5.00 to 19.49 in a 4-day period with record-breaking volume after stellar earnings report. Then the price retraced to 9.90 and made a rebound to 16.35. It currently sits above 12.00 but by the looks of the chart, the stock could be setting up for another run up. However, I would prefer to see this drop further before making my bet.