Stock Watch for October 9, 2019

Despite the more than 1% drop of the major indices today, there were still a few who held up with decent gains and stood ground such as NAT and DOCU on my stock watch. NAT has been on a 4-day winning streak surging from 2.20 to a high of 3.73 today. It even cleared out it's 20-month high of 3.47. By the looks of it, there could be more potential here in my opinion. The intraday chart still looks solid but I'd wait for a proper setup before trying to get in. In any case this continues to push higher, the next hurdle could be the 4.00 level while on the downside, 3.47 could be the immediate support. 

DOCU on the other hand tried breaking its recent high of 65.50. Despite not being able to do so, it was able to stand ground with just a 0.66% decline to close at 64.62 today. Based on the price action, there's a good chance that the 65.50 marker could be taken out in the short-term. If it does, the stocks could jump all the way to the next hurdle of 68.35. However, take notice that the 68.35 area is the all-time high thus some heavy selling pressure might be encountered at this number. On the downside, 59.50-60.00 could be a good area of support.